Overview of Product
Noblesse is architectural interior and exterior material that has not less than 5 color particles in the aqueous solution processed with special acryl emulsion resin special pigments; it provides wide range of choices of colors and, as it forms dry films that has high adhesiveness and durability, it finishes the interior and exterior of buildings at high quality and is advanced, odorless, aqueous, stone-like, and multicolor pattern paint.
Major Ingredients
Ingredient of lower coating
  1. Acryl emulsion
  ˇ°Emulsionˇ± is defined to maintain the state that two kinds of insoluble liquid surfactants are mixed in general and that acryl emulsion is the material in the polymerized state of acryl, which is white thermoplastic resin, and water.
  Acryl is a thermoplastic material produced by polymerization reaction; it is transparent, may be mixed with various colors, has excellent waterproofing, climate-resistant, and adhesive properties to be used as the main material in coating. Acryl emulsion is the material that acryl element and water maintain mixed state; the acryl emulsion to be used as the lower coating is milky white and plays the role of a binder to maintain the adhesion between intermediate coating and upper coating.
  2. Silicate
  Silicate is very small nano particles consisted of silicon and fills the pores of concrete parent material in order to make the surface even.
Ingredient of intermediate coating
  1. Titanium dioxide
  Titanium dioxide is the main material of white paint produces mixed colors mixing with other colors.
It is nontoxic and may be mixed with cosmetics and edible colors, too.
  2. Diatomite
  Diatomite has properties of low density and high pore rate. It is used in various industrial areas including
filters, absorbers, vehicles, additives, abrasives, insulator, etc. It is a coating additive that is chemically
stable and does not interfere with the roles of colors. It also reduces gloss.
The pore rate and large element surface of Diatomite accelerates drying of the paint and prevents
possible peeling.
The structure of Diatomite improves the adhesion between coating layers, too.
  3. Modified acryl emulsion
  This is the material that a additive is used to improve the adhesion of acryl emulsion. Silicon, etc. is added to improve the water-repellent property or additives are used to improve the climate-resistance and strength.
  4. Calcium Carbonate
  Calcium Carbonate plays the role of the filling material of coating. The filling material is usually used to increase the volume and, in case of stone-substituting paint, is used to produce embossing effect in order to show the shape of stones.
  5. Silica
  Silica plays the role to help the crying property of coating to avoid the influence of rapid environmental changes and prevents gathering of color elements. It also improves the resistance of dried coat against scratches and impact.
Ingredient of upper coating
  Upper coating is the part tat finally shows the color of the stone and consists of titanium dioxide that is a pigment element, modified acryl emulsion, and calcium carbonate to produce the feeling.
Upper coating
  1. Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
  This is used to improve the impact resistance and tensile strength of painting
  2. Other Chemical Substances
  Silicon substances are used to suppress the accumulation of contaminants with improved water-repellent property and volatile organic compounds to strengthen the exterior surface are also used in some cases and the influence of these materials would be insignificant to the residents.